The Interlake Eastern Health Foundation provides essential assistance to all of the region’s facilities and programs to enhance its dedicated patient care. Join our region’s supporters, donors and staff in ensuring a healthy future for all of us. Your contribution, large or small, will make a significant difference in these areas.

1. Highest Priority Fund

Priority each year based upon recommendations by the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority.

2. Areas of Interest Fund

Based upon the needs of people, programs or facilities.

For donations $25.00+ you may specify that your gift be a contribution for one or more of the following programs in our region.


Includes: In-patient care, diagnostic services, and surgery.


Includes: Rehabilitation services, services to seniors, home care, adult day program, seniors community housing (where applicable), Harm Reduction, Dialysis, and EMS.


Improving the quality of life of patients and their families facing the challenges associated with life-limiting illness.


Includes: Mobile Crisis Intervention, Crisis Stabilization Unit, and substance abuse / addictions services.


Improving the quality of life of patients and their families facing the challenges associated with this life-threatening illness.


Improving the quality of life for residents who live in personal cares homes in our region operated by the Interlake-Eastern RHA.

For donations $500.00+ you can specify where you want your gift to go. Decision based on needs of location or facility.

3. Interlake-Eastern Health Fund

This is the region’s undesignated endowment fund. Donations to this endowment fund remain under the Foundation’s management in perpetuity and only the annual income is spent.

4. Operating Fund

Donations to this fund are used to help offset the costs of operating the Foundation.

5. Other Named Endowment Funds

$10,000 is required to start a specified endowment fund. Typically endowment funds are designated for a special area of interest. Please contact the Foundation for more information.

 6. Physician Giving Campaign

The Physician Giving Campaign is designed to grow a community of physician leaders across the Interlake-Eastern region. Supporters of this monthly giving campaign include:

Dr. Joseph Partyka

Dr. Nicholas Vanrensburg

Dr. Tony Herd