Interlake-Eastern RHA Employee $5 Club donates $2,500 to the Gimli Cancer Care Unit

The Gimli Cancer Care unit celebrated the donation of $2,500 to purchase a new treatment chair for its patients. The $5 Club is the Interlake Eastern RHA’s staff-led, corporate giving program.

Gimli’s Cancer Care unit serves a large area of the northwestern IERHA serving patients living in the Gimli, Arborg, Eriksdale, Ashern, Hodgson and Peguis areas, and west as far as Lake Manitoba and north as far as Gypsumville. Patients can sometimes spend as much as six hours in a treatment chair, so comfort is very important.

Jennifer Thompson, Clinical Team Manager for Acute Care and the Community Cancer Program sent in the recommendation for funding to the IERHA’s $5 Club last year. When asked about her participation in the staff-led $5 Club, Jennifer said, “I support the $5 club because I want to give back to the region I live and work in. I am pleased that the request for funding was chosen for support by the membership of the $5 club.”

Pamela McCallum, executive director of the Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation, said $5 Club membership is growing as more staff start to see impacts, both large and small, that the program is having on regional health care and wellness.

“Seeing is believing and sharing the stories of how their hard earned money is actually helping people in their communities is a huge motivator,” McCallum said.

The IERHA’s employee $5 Club donation to the Gimli Cancer Care Unit is just one example of community giving coordinated through the Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation (IEHF). For more information on this and other examples of our region’s incredible generosity, contact Pamela McCallum at or visit the IEHF on Facebook or their website at:

Photo L to R: Jennifer Thompson – Clinical Team Manager for Acute Care and the Community Cancer Program, Julie Kumps – RN, and Tanis Poworski – RN.