The IEHF recently purchased a ‘workstation on wheels’ (WOW for short) for the Cancer Care program in Selkirk that will benefit both patients and staff. There are many benefits to using a WOW including allowing staff to enter patient information at the point-of-care and timely charting which improves patient safety.

Audra Nesbitt-Hume RN BN, clinical team manager for Dialysis/Cancer Care/Outpatient Centre at Selkirk Regional Health Centre says both staff and patients will benefit from this new equipment.

“Being able to enter patient information at the point of care is important for chemotherapy orders and accessing diagnostic results in a timelier manner will enhance patient care,” says Nesbitt-Hume.

Interlake Eastern Health Foundation executive director, Pamela McCallum, acknowledged the importance of supporting staff and patients alike.

“Adding this workplace on wheels will help both patients and staff, which means a lot to us,” said McCallum. “The well-being of patients and the effectiveness of staff is always top of mind when we make purchases like this.”

Our mission is to raise funds that support health care in the Interlake-Eastern health region. For more information visit or contact Pamela McCallum, executive director of the Interlake Eastern Health Foundation at (204) 785-7044.

Photo: Courtney Hildebrand RN, Cancer Care Selkirk.