October 12, 2021

Local Foundation’s Work Together to Enhance Care at Lac du Bonnet Health Centre!

Local Foundation’s Work Together to Enhance Care at Lac du Bonnet Health Centre!

The Lac du Bonnet Health Centre recently received a $3,387 donation from the Lac du Bonnet and Pinawa Foundations who worked together to purchase new equipment so the facility is able perform ankle brachial measurements (ABI) and toe pressures. ABI is a non-invasive procedure to measure the arterial blood flow in the lower legs. It is more commonly known as a circulation test and is a screening tool for diagnosing peripheral arterial disease as well as assessing severity of arterial compromise.

“This opportunity presented itself when Jamie McLean, IERHA chronic disease nurse wrote to our foundation looking for support to purchase an ABI machine,” said Gary Rollins, president of the Lac du Bonnet Foundation. “This is something that has the ability to support both residents of Lac du Bonnet and Pinawa, so we approached the Pinawa Foundation about partnering and sharing the cost evenly.”

“We use ABIs and toe pressures to assist with decisions regarding compression therapy and it is a useful tool in assessing the healing potential of lower leg wounds. Performing toe pressures is a more accurate and reliable test for those with diabetes or kidney disease. We could not have completed this project without the support from our foundation’s and community and are happy to now be able to provide this extended service locally,” said McLean.

“The Pinawa Foundation is always looking for opportunities to help with local health care needs. This opportunity was brought to us by the Lac du Bonnet Foundation and we were very pleased to help,” said Chris Saunders, president of the Pinawa Foundation. McLean said having this equipment in Lac du Bonnet will provide area residents with the means, improved access and better care closer to home.

Executive director of the Interlake Eastern Health Foundation, Pamela McCallum, acknowledges the great work being done in the region’s communities and is grateful for their generosity.

“It’s wonderful to see our communities working together for the betterment of health in our region. We are very lucky to have friends in the Lac du Bonnet and Pinawa Foundations and look forward to working with them on future projects,” says McCallum.

For more information on IEHF and how it benefits the region’s patients and residents or to make a donation, please visit www.iehf.ca or contact Pamela McCallum directly at pmccallum@ierha.ca.

Photo L-R: Pinawa Foundation president Chris Saunders, chronic disease nurse Jamie McLean and Lac du Bonnet Foundation president Gary Rollins.

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