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The IEHF is committed to using your gift in a way that is meaningful for you. There are many ways that you can support improving health and health care in your community:

Donate to the IEHF Highest Priority Fund – where it is needed mostyour gift will support programs, equipment, and services that are current priorities in the region.

Donate to a specific program area or location. Please specify in the message section of for your on-line donation or contact us through email at iehf(at)ierha.ca or by phone at 204-785-4703.

Contribute to an existing endowment fundendowment funds are held in trust by the foundation and only the interest is spent, this means that gift continues to grow and make a difference year after year. See a list of our current endowment funds.

Create a named fund – $10,000 is required to create a named fund. Please contact the foundation for more information.

Donate to a special project. Please contact the foundation for more information.


Your gift will be put to immediate use, making a difference in our community.

can provide plants to enhance an outdoor space where patients and families can visit.
can provide families of patients in palliative care with a comfort care bag.
can provide a recreation activity for residents in a personal care home.
can support a patient requiring a specialized mattress for a 2-week hospital stay.


You can help make a difference by committing to a monthly gift.

Per month can provide a specialized wheelchair to allow safe transportation of patients around a facility.
Per month provides the opportunity for a child who has lost a loved one to heal and share their experience by attending Camp Stepping Stones .
Per month funds a therapy dog team to attend a facility for one year.


Memorial gifts are a thoughtful and meaningful way to honour a loved one who has passed.

In Honour gifts are a great way to recognize a special birthday, anniversary or accomplishment.


Every day, incredible and compassionate care is provided to patients and families throughout our region. The Grateful Patient Program is a way you and your family can express gratitude for the care you received. Your donation can honour, thank and recognize a staff member, volunteer, individual or team. Please provide us the name of the individual, team or facility and as much detail as possible and we will recognize them with a letter of acknowledgement, in internal newsletters, and on social media (with permission of course).


Most of us spend our lifetimes contributing to causes that are close to our heart. More and more Canadians are going one step further and leaving a legacy gift to charity through a planned gift. Gifts are gratefully acknowledged through the Foundation’s donor recognition program, and immediate or delayed tax relief is provided. The IEHF is pleased to offer the following meaningful options for planned giving:


Your Will provides you with the opportunity to leave a lump sum or percentage of your estate to the IEHF. Naming the Foundation ensures the values and interests that are most dear to you continue to benefit after you are gone.


You may consider transferring stocks or bonds to the foundation. You will receive a receipt based on the value of your gift.


You can take out a life insurance policy with IEHF as the beneficiary. You pay a small annual premium, but your eventual gift is significant. Tax receipts are issued for all premiums paid. You can also donate an existing policy that is no longer needed and receive an immediate tax receipt for the current cash value of the policy.


A donation of property can create a gift of exceptional importance.  The current value of the property will qualify as a donation for tax purposes. You can also donate property through your Will. Already included the IEHF your Estate planning? Please let us know so we can thank you!

*The IEHF does not provide legal advice. We encourage individuals to seek legal, accounting and financial advice when drafting their Will.


An event is a fun way to support the community, meet people, learn new skills and enjoy public recognition. The possibilities are endless: sports tournaments, casual Fridays, an ice cream social, a gift-wrapping event… let your imagination be your guide. We are happy to offer you the following assistance:

  • Advice/expertise to discuss ideas and best practices
  • Provide resources including templates and documents to assist you in planning and organizing a successful event
  • Issue tax receipts, if applicable (please discuss this with us first as we adhere to all Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines)
  • Provide approval for the use of IEHF’s name and/or logos
  • Provide a Letter of Support to validate the authenticity for your fundraising event
  • Offer representative(s) from IEHF to attend your event (if applicable and subject to availability)
  • Help you create your own personal or group fundraising page and support with links from our social media pages (if applicable and subject to availability)

Get Involved!

Join Our Board

IEHF Board members attend regular quarterly board meetings, AGM, and other board meetings. In addition, board members support the IEHF by sharing their expertise on board sub-committees including: Policy, Governance and Nominating, Marketing and Communications, Investment, Finance and Development, and Granting. IEHF Board Members help shape the organization by providing advice and recommendations to IEHF staff as requested, and attending community events as IEHF representatives, as available.

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