October 25, 2018

McLeary Family dream enhances “relaxation and comfort” at Selkirk Regional Health Centre

McLeary Family dream enhances “relaxation and comfort” at Selkirk Regional Health Centre

Thanks to a generous $10,700 donation by local residents, Bob and Wendy McLeary, the Selkirk Regional Health Centre recently acquired a new scale for the surgery department, a bench for the courtyard, and a brilliant stained glass piece located outside of the spiritual care centre.

In 2007, Wendy’s father, Norman Dalman, was a patient at the Selkirk Hospital. His recovery required extensive exercise and walking. As Norman was recovering, he had to sit often and the family found there were limited areas to rest. At that time, Larter’s at St. Andrews Golf & Country Club, Lockport citizens’ group, Selkirk & District Horticultural Society and members of the Selkirk Hospital palliative care unit were fundraising to construct a pagoda outside of the hospital. The pagoda was intended as a relaxation spot located in the palliative care gardens. Bob and Wendy quickly joined in the plans.

A few years later, the McLeary’s started their own palliative care garden fund, donating on behalf of any of family or friends that passed away. Eventually, they decided to use those funds in support of the new Selkirk Regional Health Centre. Astrid McLeary, Bob’s mother who recently passed away, had also contributed to the growing fund as she felt the items were worthwhile additions for the hospital. The stained glass picture – which depicts an iris, hummingbird and butterfly – has special importance for Bob and Wendy, who designed it to create a space for relaxation and comfort.

“We felt that many people could relate to the scenery depicted, which would provide relaxation and comfort to staff, patients and visitors to the hospital,” said Bob.

Wendy McLeary noted how satisfying it was for her and her husband to be able to make this donation to their community’s hospital.

“It gives us a sense of pride and satisfaction that we have been able to provide a donation which enhances the experience for all staff, patients and visitors to the hospital. What started out as a wish to honour our dad grew to become a substantial donation. We thank Pamela and the Selkirk Regional Health Centre staff for making our dream become a reality,” Wendy said.

McCallum commented on how touching it is for the Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation to help people contribute donations that truly come from the heart and make such a difference for community wellness.

“It was a pleasure to work with Bob and Wendy on this special project; their passion and enthusiasm for giving was contagious and we are lucky have people like them in our community,” McCallum said.

The generosity of the McLeary family is just one example of community giving that has been coordinated through the Interlake-Eastern Health Foundation. For more information on this and other examples of incredible generosity, contact Pamela McCallum at pmccallum@ierha.ca or visit the Interlake Eastern Health Foundation n Facebook or their website at http://www.iehf.ca/

Photo L-R: Pamela McCallum, Wendy McLeary, and Bob McLeary.

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