August 9, 2022

Family and friends of Millie Stefanyshyn come together to raise money for the Family Birthing Unit to honour her memory.

Family and friends of Millie Stefanyshyn come together to raise money for the Family Birthing Unit to honour her memory.

On February 25th 2021, Millie Stefanyshyn was born sleeping at the Selkirk Regional Health Centre’s (SRHC) family birthing unit (FBU). Months later, Millie’s mom Chantelle Stefanyshyn reached out to the foundation about setting up a fundraiser for family and friends to purchase priority equipment for the FBU.

Immediately after the fundraiser was launched, the foundation received a $3,500 donation to purchase the main piece of equipment – a CuddleCot. Since the goal was reached so quickly, it was decided to keep fundraising and purchase other high priority items for the unit.

In total, the fundraiser raised $6,937.00 and the FBU was gifted with a CuddleCot, digital camera and photo printer, two starlight projectors, two portable speakers, two transfer sheets, and a fetal doppler and stand. All of these items will help families experiencing the same loss that Chantelle and her family did when Millie was born.

Chantelle Stefanyshyn, Millie’s mom says that the nurses and doctors in SRHC’s family birthing unit made the worst day of their lives just a little easier with their exceptional care and empathy.

“We wanted to thank them by having a fundraiser to raise money for a CuddleCot. A CuddleCot provides families more time with their sweet babes who have passed away too soon. It’s our hope that all of the new items will help the family birthing unit provide even more support to these families in such a difficult time. We shared our story with Pamela (IEHF) and she was so helpful in guiding us through this fundraiser to honour our sweet girl and assist other families in a time of need,” says Stefanyshyn.

Pamela McCallum, executive director of the Interlake Eastern Health Foundation was touched by the strength of Millie’s family and friends during such a difficult time.

“Little Millie made a huge impact on her family and friends. I admire Chantelle’s bravery and strength to launch this campaign and it was my pleasure to work with her and see all the support for the family birthing unit. I’m so glad we are able to honour Millie in this special way,” says McCallum.

For more information on IEHF and how it benefits the region’s patients and residents or to make a donation, please visit or contact Pamela McCallum directly at

Photo L-R: Chantelle Stefanyshyn, Lincoln Stefanyshyn, Cassandra Belo RN/BN, Jennifer Palsson RN/BN, and Jamie Brown Clinical Resource Nurse – SRHC Family Birthing Unit.

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